It's not Rocket Science, Dr. Anthony Bedford                     
             Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 100 cms (Sold)
Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Characters of the Fleurieu, Stump Hill Gallery
1st Prize Winner

I met Tony a few years ago when I moved to Goolwa and came to realise that he is a very special person who works quietly giving back to his community.

This is a brief look at Tony’s life. Tony grew up on a farm on the Fleurieu Peninsula. He met the girl of his dreams at the old river swimming pool in Goolwa when they were barely in their teens. They later married and had a family. Tony won several scholarships, studied hard becoming a Rocket Scientist, moving interstate and overseas with his career. On retiring he returned to live in Goolwa. Tony is a kind, thoughtful man. His strength of character shows through his portrait with his eyes delivering an intensity of emotions of a life lived.

Old plans were used as the background to represent Tony’s study and working life as a research Scientist. The oil paint is in thin layers with the plans showing through depicting the layers of life.

                                      Amongst the Blossom
                            Gold leaf, Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 100 cms (Sold)

                   Look at me
                      Oil on board, 90 x 120 cms

                   The Essence of Beauty
                   Gold leaf, Mixed Media on Canvas, 100 x 100 cm

                    Joie de Vivre, Leah Grace
                     Oil on Canvas, 100x100 cms (Sold)

Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Characters of the Fleurieu, Stump Hill Gallery

I first met Leah through friends In Goolwa and my first thoughts were what an incredibly vivacious person she is. Leah works for the Alexandrina Council, South Coast Regional Arts Centre. Words to describe Leah are supportive, encouraging, lively and colourful. She is down to earth and honest. The title of the painting is Joie de Vivre, the Joy of Life, which describes Leah perfectly. Leah has an infectious smile and bright personality. I don’t think any other explanation is required as to why I chose to paint her for Characters of the Fleurieu.

The background I chose to paint red as red is a colour of passion and I believe that Leah is a passionate person. I then found out that red is Leah’s favourite colour. I used a thick colourful technique to a paint vibrant person.

                    The Getaway
                       Oil on Canvas, 82 x 102 cms

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