Exhibition Nurses and Friends, Womens and Children's Hospital 2020

"Photo courtesy of The Times, Victor Harbor. Pic by Alice

Lisa Ingerson

Awarded Diploma of Fellowship, Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Oct 2019

I am an artist with a passionate interest in painting large bold people focused works using various styles to explore feelings, intensity and form working with a number of different mediums including, charcoal, bitumen, gold leaf and oils. I also paint on maps, plans or something personal to the sitter letting the images show through the painting so that the person is part of and entwined with the background. Maps and plans represent movement and changes that occur during our lifetime. I am interested in the reality, truth and poignancy of a single moment or a certain intensity provided by the subject. I hope that the viewer doesn’t get caught up with trying to work out who the subject is but rather to enjoy and explore the beauty, intenseness or joy of life that evokes thought and feelings.

In addition to portraits I also paint seascapes and landscapes. I am enjoying discovering our coastlines and using colour and texture to show off our beautiful country.

I have painted urban themes along and explored the baby boomer era. My urban themes examine the the urban and rural landscape using acrylic and charcoal to portray an array of buildings. I reduce architectural complexity to minimalist lines incorporating bold deep colours.   Using childhood photos found in friends home and old shoe boxes, i employ a gel transfer and hand colouring technique to portray a less complicated life during the sixties.

My previous paintings have explored the Adelaide Central Market and hotels around Adelaide capturing the atmosphere of public meeting places.

Contact Details

0412 955 775

email: lisa.ingerson@hotmail.com


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